Although still under development, the UPD Public Portal offers a first glimpse of what will come: better access to medicinal product information for the public. Let’s have a look at what is on offer.

The homepage mainly gives access to the substance and medicine index as well as the search functionality. As expected, under the substance index, selecting a letter provides a list of substances starting with that letter. Selecting a substance from the list provides an overview in the search result screen which includes the:

  • active substance,
  • species,
  • date of last update, authorisation status,
  • legal status of supply,
  • package description,
  • route of administration,
  • availability per country.

Selecting the substance in the search result screen provides further product details including

  • product overview,
  • product identification,
  • product details,
  • availability,
  • authorisation details,
  • product assessment history,
  • additional information.

Using the medicinal index, which works in a similar way, the same product detail screen can be accessed.

Important for the public is that the UPD Public Portal also provides answers to questions such as:

  • How is the medicinal product used?
  • How does the medicinal product work?
  • What are the benefits and risk of the medicinal product?
  • Other information about the medicinal product

Users of the UPD Public Portal can also run a comparison of medicinal products with the product information displayed side by side. A handy feature, especially if one is not so familiar with particular medicinal products.

In summary

Although still under development, it is clear already that the public will benefit from the UPD Public Portal. Medicinal products can be searched and compared, any authorisation status checked on a country by country basis, and further details such as the SPC document can easily be accessed.

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